What are Meditation and Mindfulness?

People throw around the words meditation and mindfulness a lot these days. Close your eyes, empty your head, and BOOM, you’ve meditated, right? Well not exactly…

Meditation and mindfulness is turning your attention away from distracting thoughts and focusing on the present moment, your breathing, a mantra or your body. Mindfulness can be practiced in different methods, like breath awareness, sound meditation, deep relaxation, and movement meditation. These can all lead to a decrease in stress and anxiety, better sleep, better focus, an increase in work productivity and a more focused mind. and a boost in

It’s not always easy to start meditating. Controlling your thoughts takes practice, but at meditation.live our virtual meditations are perfect for beginners meditation. Our classes are designed to fit your schedule, whether you tune in live or practiced with our library of on-demand short meditations.

We’re here to teach you not only what meditations is, but how to meditate.


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