Webinar: Meditation in the Workplace

Are you a leader in your company that’s interested in improving your culture? Whether you work in HR, own the company or just sit on the community board, join us for a FREE webinar introducing beginners and experts alike to benefits of mindfulness in the workplace on September 17 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.

Meditation isn’t just an employee perk, it’s an investment in employees health and well-being as a person. It doesn’t just affect productivity and lower stress and anxiety at work, but in everyday life too.

Jennifer Gentry, HR leader at Intuit, guides us through a 3-step approach to building a happy and productive work environment. From introducing a mindfulness program to measuring its success, this interactive fireside chat will provide the tools needed to start benefiting from a mindful workplace.

You’ll Learn About: 

• Implementing a mindfulness program from scratch 
• Building and maintaining employee engagement
• Measuring the ongoing results of a mindful workplace

Sign up today and start learning about how you can make a difference in your workplace.

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