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New Classes to Help You with Office and Home Mental Health

Need that meditation fix, but can’t fit our live classes into your schedule today? We’ve got you covered! Our on-demand library continues to grow, helping you focus more, sleep better, and live a stress and anxiety-free life. Check out these new on-demand classes hosted by teacher Monique on the app:

Coping with Anxiety

Whether it’s a looming deadline or some overwhelming tasks at home, we all get hit with anxiety sometimes. Reducing anxiety is the key to getting things done with a healthier mind. Move back into the present moment through the senses and let go of your tension and worry.

Calm Relaxation

Take a deep breath and bring yourself into the present moment. This simple and short meditation technique will leave you feeling a sense of calm.

Anger Release

Anger is uncomfortable and not something people seek to feel. Learn how to recognize the signs of anger so that you can let it go. Ease the edge and relax with a calm awareness.

Peace of Mind

Letting your thoughts easily and freely flow through your mind is one of the key components to gain a peace of mind in your meditations. Bring peace into your day, release your tensions and stress and feel lighter with this short meditation perfect for any time of the day or night.

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