The Employee Benefit You Don’t Have, But Need: Meditation at Work

Business leaders and corporate lions have incorporated meditation into their daily routines for years, and now they’re bringing meditating at work to their teams. Companies like Nike, Apple, Google, and other Fortune 500 companies have had it as a workplace staple for years now, starting in 2012 when mindfulness first began to become a hot button benefit for employees.

In 2012, when those efforts began to pick up at companies, health care costs fell almost 7%. Why? Studies showed that 52% of American professionals in the workplace were stressed. Stress can be detrimental to our physical and mental wellbeings, manifesting itself in a harmful way on our bodies. For a place we spend almost a third of our lives (if not more!), that’s just not any way to live. So it would make sense that when work meditations and team mindfulness became part of these companies cultures, healthcare costs fell. People were happy at work and saw an overall boost in job satisfaction.

The benefits to meditation aren’t just beneficial to the employees, but employers as well. Mindfulness can boost creativity, expand attention spans, improves your ability to multitask and more. All of these qualities make for a better employee, a healthy workplace and extraordinary work.

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