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In the News: Study, 15-Minutes of Meditation Associated with Similar Effects as a Day of Vacation

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Meditation and vacations appear to have overlapping effects, according to new research in The Journal of Positive Psychology. The study found that both meditation exercises and vacationing were associated with higher levels of wellbeing and increased mindfulness.

“This research was an extension of a larger research study my colleagues and I conducted. In conducting that research, which required daily participation for 8-weeks, a number of participants indicated that they would be away for some portion of the study period,”  said study author Christopher May, an assistant professor at the University College Groningen.

“We then systematically tracked when participants were on vacation away from their normal work or study obligations. This allowed us to examine the relative impact of vacation and meditation on variables such as mindfulness, positive emotion, and negative emotion. Interestingly, very little work had been done before looking at this relationship.”

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