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A Seamless Integration of Meditation in Your Workplace is happy to announce our new web app, making meditation, mindfulness and movement even easier to access in the workplace!

With the ease of use of a web app, can be easily integrated into a company’s work flow. Is it your company’s policy to have a weekly check-in meeting or a monthly Town Hall update? Schedule your meetings around live classes or load an on-demand class for your employees to participate and experience together. 

We know that a majority of employees feel stress at work, but almost half of them are also seeking help in learning how to manage the stress. Coupled with workforce disengagement being at its highest rate, mindfulness and meditation is an affordable and long-term solution to change a culture of people that are feeling disinterested, uninspired and stressed to the max. 

Simply sign-in on the web app from your computer and you’ll have access to live classes and our on-demand library. This allows you or someone at your office to set-up group meditation or group yoga classes that encourage team building, culture and inclusiveness.  

The web app is simple to use. 

From the homepage find the sign in button on the top right of the page.

Users will have the opportunity to sign in with their company email. 

Inside the web app you will find live classes, on-demand meditation and movement (yoga, stretching, walking and running) classes. We also offer a sleep section filled with sleep stories, music and meditation.

Chat with us today about how you can offer meditation in your workplace and improve creativity, focus and employee happiness. 

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