4 Excuses About Meditation (And What to Say to Excuse-Makers)

I don’t have time to meditate.

This is one of the top excuses we hear and we get it. Life gets busy! And many people think that meditating takes hours to reap the benefits from. But it could take as little as 5 minutes a day.

What to say? Tell them to check out our list of on-demand classes on our app to meditate when you have time and when it fits your schedule, from a 5 minute meditation to a 30 minute one!

I can’t turn my brain off, so I can’t meditate.

In today’s buzzing world, we don’t often turn off and your brain isn’t really built too either. The good news is that you don’t have to turn your brain off and shut down during meditations. In fact, it’s the opposite! You want your thoughts to flow smoothly through and pass, like ships passing through a river.

What to say? No need to shut off completely! Try a meditation like Positivity: Powerful Affirmations, where we consciously communicate positive statements to our subconscious mind.

It takes years to see results from meditating.

While many of our teachers have been meditating for years, they all started because they saw an immediate benefit to it! One study showed that in just 8-weeks, participants reduced the inflammation conditions caused by stress. Another study explained that just 4-days of mindful meditations increased attention spans.

What to say? Give it a try and see the benefits. We offer many free intro classes and trial sessions. Contact us today to sign your company up. 

I can’t sit still.

Meditating doesn’t require you to be a stone. And if seated meditations aren’t really your style, there’s many varieties that offer a mindful movement! Walking meditations, mindful breaks, and yoga can all be done in motion while meditating.

What to say? Grab your co-workers and take a Mindful Desk Break, filled with yoga stretches and movements to rejuvenate you in the middle of the stressful work day.

Still have excuses? We didn’t think so! Join the community today and get started with our original and exclusive content.

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